Student Resource Page

Student Resource Page

Hello students. This web page is developed to help you succeed in my class. I believe that learning takes place anywhere and at anytime. If you miss our class I hope these resources help you catch up. I also hope you use these pages to explore the topics we discuss in further detail. Check out the links on the unit pages to expand your knowledge. Explore some of the links on the "Cool Links and Sites" page. If you would like to see something else on the site please let me know and I will try to add it. Nbr>

Here are some specific links that you might find helpful this year:

Class Calendar - Use the class calendar to make sure you are up to date on what were are completing in class.

How to write a DBQ - This is some helpful information to be used when writing a DBQ. (Honors Students)

This is a site where you can practice your States and Capitals

Study your States and Capitals. This site also has links to learn countries around the world.

Whenever you write a paper, it is important to cite your sources. Use this site to help you write your bibliography. When you have finished, copy and paste the bibliography to your paper or project.

Some items on this site may require Adobe Reader to view - click here to download free.

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